Empowering Education, Health and Improving Lifestyle through Connectivity

Broadband brings the opportunity for direct access to education and health care for rural residents who are otherwise forced to travel long distances for college courses and medical treatment. Rural libraries newly enhanced by high speed Internet often experience a resurgence of community interest and participation.


Over 2 million kids have the internet connectivity they need thanks to wireless hotspots. High-speed Internet access, or broadband, is critical to economic opportunity, job creation, education, and civic engagement. But there are too many parts of this country where broadband is unavailable.


If patients don’t have high-speed internet in their homes, they won’t be able to enjoy the benefits of telehealth. According to the FCC, 24 million Americans and 31% of rural households do not have access to broadband internet at home.

Rural Connectivity

In urban areas, 97% of Americans have access to high-speed fixed service. In rural areas, that number falls to 65%. And on Tribal lands, barely 60% have access. All told, nearly 30 million Americans cannot reap the benefits of the digital age.

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